The Zen of Modeling and Commercial Acting

How would you like to attain greater levels of success than you ever dreamed of?

You may be a seasoned professional or just a neophyte in the business, in either case you’ve never experienced anything like this class before.

Did you know that there are ancient spiritual principles that directly coincide with performance skills and can greatly enhance a creatives likelihood of success–both on and off camera?

How would you like to be let in on the secrets that most superstars unwittingly use to rise to the pinnacle of their career? Join with other like minded individuals, connecting at a Soul level, far beyond all façade, to transform your career from the inside out. Learn how to

  • Release self criticism, doubt and paralyzing fears to magnetize success,
  • Embody naturalness and radiant poise, riveting presence and captivating charisma,
  • Dispel the hopelessness and despair that comes with rejection and/or ungrounded success,
  • Amplify your creative potential exponentially,
  • Tap into unlimited abundance, while doing the work you love!

This life-changing seminar will not only catapult you onto the path of great success, it will also subtly and profoundly transform the way you approach and feel about your entire life!

“After working with Maureen I got call backs on my next three auditions and booked the fourth–a national!
My agent now calls me her super star.”

~ Mark Merriman, Miami-based Actor

“I finally feel as though my creative spirit has been unshackled, but more importantly my personal life feels balanced and whole–my agent says I am “damn near irresistible”!
~ Jen Safina, SAG Actress and Producer: Awaken Films

The way you look at your craft will never be the same again!

Maureen has empowered creatives all over the world–helping them to attain greater
Self realization and success in life than they had ever dreamed possible.

Her successful career as a model, actress and in broadcast spanned over 20 years.
vested SAG member

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