One-to-One Counsel

Maureen accepts a limited number of private clients…

who are committed to attaining liberation. Her schedule only permits her to work with a handful of people at a time. Therefore anyone who garners a coveted spot with her must be committed to their own transformation. 

Life’s greatest challenges call for a Transcendent Perspective.

Life’s greatest challenges call for a
Transcendent Perspective.

Perhaps you’re used to success at great levels in certain areas of your life, but now you have found yourself at a crossroads. It could be that you’ve been through an unexpected or life-jolting circumstance that has knocked you off center.  Maybe you’ve experienced a sudden change in career, a personal loss, a serious diagnosis or you have a chronic issue that has come to an intolerable climax. Now you feel restricted, maybe even lost in your current experience of life. 


Stop struggling and accept support.

The first step to becoming healthy and whole is getting the support you need. A mentor you trust and can connect with, who both encourages and empowers you, is key. When you have a solid partner with the ability to listen deeply to you while pointing you in the right direction, even your most confusing and tenacious problems will vanish.

You are an ideal candidate for Maureen’s counsel if… 

You’re typically high functioning and motivated. You know without doubt that you are ready to transcend your limiting beliefs and your conditioning based on the past. You are not afraid to look squarely at a clear, direct path to awakening, which will include powerful epiphanies and complete shifts in your current perception. You can commit to walking straight through the most challenging circumstance and pain, while being radically honest with yourself and others, and with your heart and mind wide open. You’re ready for drastic change in any area of your life that is currently not working for you. You’re eager to take a deep dive into your authenticity.

A message from Maureen:  

I have worked with people of all types, interests and ages from 9 to 89. The most significant transformation happens for those who are in the “thick of it” and cannot see the forest for the trees. I love working with people who find themselves in this situation. I see no form of pain as insurmountable or immovable.

I enjoy people who are open-minded, highly motivated and who are as committed as I am to their own liberation and success. If you are chosen to work with me, you will be looking deeply at yourself with love and compassion in the midst of challenge. This requires strength and forbearance. I am going to “hold your feet to the fire”, so bravery and a sense of tenacity are key. And a sense of humor is a must. 


I know miracles are always at hand and accessible. When you work with me, you’ll realize that too. 

When you pursue a mentoring relationship

with Maureen, you are agreeing to:  

When you pursue a mentoring relationship with Maureen, you are agreeing to:  

  • Show up to your scheduled appointments on time and with presence
  • Be honest and sincere in your search for the truth
  • Communicate openly, honestly and freely
  • Actively participate and fully engage in the dialogue
  • Be open minded and willing to try recommendations
  • Candidly discuss your top concerns
  • Give up all limiting self-talk and labels
  • Live the life you were born to live without restraint 

If you are ready to commit to this type of encounter, then Maureen looks forward to speaking with you and partnering in your liberation and life-long success.

Besides one-to-one counsel, there are various ways for you to connect with
Maureen. Follow the links below to find out more.