Miracle Matrixing

The Miracle Awakening Method : Miracle Matrixing

The second phase in The Miracle Awakening Method is Miracle Matrixing. Here, the miraculous comes to life as you embody it. The creation of your best life originates within you. Awakening is not the result of how many inspirational books you read or affirmations you repeat in the morning. Yes these may bring you important insights, but in order to truly transform your life you must relentlessly live the newfound miraculous path laid out before you. Spiritual truths, no matter how true and profound, remain conceptual until you put them into practice. Now it is imperative for you to embody all you know to be true. Miracle Matrixing is all about living that commitment. During this phase your feet are held to the fire, requiring you to walk the talk with passion, purpose and fully aligned with your unlimited potential.

The Process

Now you do the necessary work of opening your heart. You will slow down to engage the present moment and overcome resistance to living a life of full-out joy. What does that look like? It means having those tough, radically honest and healing conversations. It means practicing peace by taking the higher road. You will tap into your inner resources of bravery, wisdom and resilience. You will choose to be happy rather than “right”. Now we focus on bringing congruency into all areas of your life, allowing you to deepen your connection with yourself and others.  

During this phase you become intimate with the workings of manifestation to experience how your thoughts are literally forming your reality. As your perceptions change and you feel more aligned with your true naturewhich is innately wise, objective and embracingyou become more present and intensely interested in your own life. You know miracles are real because you are experiencing them tangibly, on a day-to-day basis. 


The Results 

If you’re suffering in a “bad” relationship, you will begin to experience extreme honesty, true commitment (to yourself first and foremost) and unconditional love. If you have cancer or any challenge with disease you will open to proactive, miraculous healing. If you are addicted or experiencing any type of self-inflicted pain, you will discover balance, sanity and a radically different sense of wholeness. If you have family challenges you will evolve past them with bravery and resolve until you can honestly say, “I love you so much I don’t care what you think.” If you’re depressed, disheartened, feeling lost, confused, anxiety-ridden or hopeless, you will experience an entirely new state of being. 

Inspired by your own life, feeling more and more compelled to be authentic and inwardly driven, you automatically find yourself less obsessed with living up to social standards, winning approval or material gain. Your tolerance, compassion and concern for others greatly increase, dismantling old prejudices and blame and dispelling the need to compete. Now your true self emerges, on fire with self-worth and a sense of self-assuredness that is humble, sober, non-judgmental and self-aware. You can now truthfully evaluate where changes are needed on both a personal and global level, and you feel entirely empowered to make those changes. Your innate creativity rises to the surface. Your innate enthusiasm and unlimited potential is free. You are indisputably a living, breathing miracle.


Miracle Mindedness

 Miracle Mastery



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