Mentoring with Maureen Whitehouse

Maureen accepts a limited number of private clients who are committed to attaining liberation. She can help you transform challenge into choice, obstacles into opportunities, trials into triumph and to clearly see the miraculous in what appears to be the mundane of your life. If you find yourself grappling with any issue; be it weight loss, unfulfilling relationships or overcoming paralyzing beliefs, Maureen can help you liberate yourself from them.

Stop struggling and accept support.

The first step in getting healthy and whole is getting the support we need. Finding someone who we trust and can connect with, who both encourages and empowers us is key. When we have a solid partner who has the ability to listen deeply to us while pointing us in the right direction with useful resources to help us, we can immediately clear up confusion and even the most tenacious and long-standing problems.

Be inspired.

Receiving fresh new ideas and answers to key questions is highly motivating and invigorating. It helps us to easily overcome thoughts of judgment and defeat. When you begin to put into action what works, while eliminating what doesn’t, you effortlessly clear the way to success. It can be easy and fun with guidance and regular action steps.

Take Action.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Open minded, supportive discussion
  • Deep respect and honoring
  • Liberating lessons
  • Steadfast support
  • An Enlightened Partnership
  • Accountability with sure, steady success.

Mentoring with Maureen

Simply put, working with Maureen is about establishing realistic but expansive goals with someone you can trust, charting a course and moving into action, while staying connected and true to a deeper, richer more authentic sense of self.  She will help you overcome the need to micro-manage your life and to relax into a state of effortless success. She is interested in one thing – your liberation.
If you feel you can benefit from a relationship with a spirited mentor who is a combination of objective listener, success partner, motivator and unceasing source of inspiration, creative consultant, knowledgeable resource guide, an expert in personal development transformation as well as eco-spiritual nutritionist then there’s no reason for you to wait any longer to begin work with Maureen.

Ask Preliminary Questions at No Charge

We invite you ask questions and share your health, wellness and spiritual struggles and/or Soul-Full triumphs with us.

You can join our online community and ask Maureen your key questions right now.  Here she will advise you “out loud” so that others can benefit from her liberating advise. If you’d like immediate personal assistance in setting up an initial mentoring call with Maureen call us at 954-920-4374 or contact us to schedule an appointment and to see how she can help you be healthy and well, and to live a deeply contented and Soul-satisfied life.

Who Can Benefit from Mentoring:

  • Are you a busy executive who is craving balance in your life?
  • A working mom with little time for yourself?
  • A single dad who wants to insure everyone in your family’s optimum health – including your own?
  • A talented, hip, young creative who wants to “be real” and live your life’s purpose without compromise?
  • A successful entrepreneur who’s forgotten how to take care of yourself?
  • A professional who is tired of the rigors of “the beautiful life” and wants to finally forgo the cigarettes and cocktails to experience balance and health but don’t know where to start?
  • Or perhaps you are a grandparent (or even great –grandparent) who is interested in feeling younger everyday?

Even if you don’t see yourself in any of the above profiles, you get the picture…
Anyone who is ready for true transformation now is the perfect candidate to work with Maureen.

A message from Maureen:

“I have worked with people of all types, ages and interests from age 9 – to 79. I really love working with those who are in the “thick of it” and cannot seem to see the forest for the trees. I see no form of pain as insurmountable or unmovable. I enjoy people who are open-minded, highly motivated and as committed to their own liberation and success as I am.  You will be looking deeply at yourself with love and compassion, which often requires strength and forbearance. At times I will “hold your feet to the fire”, so bravery and a sense of tenacity are key. And a sense of humor is a must.

What I require of you:

  • I ask that you to show up on time and fully to our scheduled appointments.
  • That you are honest and sincere in your search for the truth.
  • Are willing to communicate openly and freely.
  • That you’ll actively participate and fully engage in our one-on-one sessions
  • I ask you to be open minded and willing to try out the recommendations we agree upon.
  • Be prepared to discuss your top concerns
  • To give up all limiting self-talk and labels
  • Commitment to your own unprecedented success
  • Willingness to live the life you were born to live.

If you resonate with this type of encounter, then I look forward to speaking with you and partnering in an experience of life-long liberation and success. You can contact us or call 954-920-4374 to set up an initial consult today.

With Love,