Masterson“You would be hard pressed to find a more inspiring speaker than Maureen Whitehouse. She has the uncanny ability to deeply connect with any audience and motivate them toward greater teamwork, connectivity and more authentic relationships.”
-Nola Masterson, President and CEO, Science Futures Inc.


Fox“Maureen is truly a leader among leaders. You would do well to hang onto her every word.”
-Amy Fox, Co-Founder, Mobius Leardership Inc.



“Maureen helps people awaken to the simple but life changing choices we all have when it comes to living a healthy and passionate life. She is a bright beacon of practical wisdom!”
-Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Author, The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude



Cevera“It’s time to open our minds and heal our bodies. Maureen Whitehouse helps us do both. Entertaining and enlightening, this powerful speaker clearly points the way out of not only the dieting debacle, but offers freedom from addictions of all kinds.”
-Jennie Hunter-Cevera, Executive Vice President Discovery and Analytical Science, Research Triangle Institute/
President, University of Maryland


Cora“Life changing! Maureen addresses not only your health and well-being, but how you can liberate your life.”
-Dr. Gabriela Cora M.D., Best-selling Author, Alpha Female