Do miracles still exist? Imagine waking up every day knowing and really feeling you are a miracle—how would that change your life?

In a world driven by busyness and external validation, it’s easy to forget our inherent miraculous nature. We chase fulfillment in the mundane, yet the true essence of our existence lies deep within us, all too often obscured by the noise of daily life. We are all miraculous, which is way too easy to forget!

In this episode, I sit down with Marie Fratoni from the Share Your Shine show. We discuss ways to recognize the miraculous nature within us, the benefits of co-creating with the Divine, and how to find fulfillment through spiritual connections, not material possessions.

What you’ll learn:

  • Do miracles still exist? and how to recognize them in daily life
  • The importance of connecting with the Divine
  • How to start experiencing the miraculous nature of your Authentic Self
  • The benefits of connecting with one’s True Self
  • How to uncover the innate brilliance within you
  • Where fulfillment comes from 
  • How to use pain as a catalyst for seeking miracles and spiritual growth

Key Moments: 

  • 00:22 Unlocking Miracles and Fulfillment
  • 03:09 The Most Important Space in a Room
  • 06:35 A Journey of Miraculous Awakening and Divine Connection
  • 12:06 The First Step to Discovering Your True Self
  • 16:35 The Sweetness of Doing Nothing 
  • 20:12 How to Uncover Daily Miracles and Find New Meaning in Life
  • 27:02 Parting Thoughts 

Have you ever felt that yearning, that quiet whisper from within, calling you towards something greater? It’s a longing for the fulfillment and peace that lies deep within us all. This innate desire for connection and ultimate satisfaction is a universal experience, and it’s the essence of our True Nature. Let me take you on a journey through my own awakening, a journey where LOVE, connection, and the beauty of life were amplified beyond measure.

Discovering DIVINE Beauty

There was a time when my mind found stillness for three days, and in that serene state, I saw life through the eyes of the DIVINE. Without the ego’s interference, everything appeared in its purest, most beautiful form. Picking up my kids from school, watching parents greet their children became a moment of LOVE meeting LOVE. The birds’ songs turned into symphonies, and watching the seemingly random interactions between strangers I saw a grand orchestration of life’s connections. It was all about connecting, not separating. Without connection, there is no deep fulfillment or joy in life. 

Over the years, I’ve found that doing less can actually bring more fulfillment. Having more time for myself to write, think more deeply, and be of service to others has created space for the most meaningful things to happen, or more accurately, for me to notice the most meaningful things as they happen.

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

In Italy, they call it Dolce Farniente—the sweetness of doing nothing. This space of stillness is where the most important things happen. We become human beings rather than human doings. When we remember our being, everything amplifies in quality, and as an added bonus synchronicities abound.

The Essence of Love

Love is the unconditioned part of us, it is Eternal and Infinite. It’s not about the wounds or challenges we often associate with our experiences of Love. When we eat with Love, when food is grown, prepared, and served with Love, it creates an unforgettable experience. My favorite meal, shared with a loving family in Italy, was a testament to this truth.

We Are All Miracles

I truly believe that we are all miracles. Your miraculous self came into this life with your first breath. That breath is the spirit of you. That breath, invisible yet vital, animates you and brings you to life every day until your last breath. When you think of spirit, don’t imagine it as something separate or exclusive. Instead, think of it as the space that surrounds and supports us all unconditionally. That’s the spirit of things. That’s our spirit itself. When we become really spirited, we become joyfully animated, full of grace, joy, peace, and ease. That’s the world we tap into when we embrace the miraculous. It’s always there. If you are ever wondering “do miracles exist?” look in the mirror! You are a miracle. 

So how do miracles happen? They happen, or more accurately, we notice them when we connect with our True Selves. They are not something we control; they simply occur. In my work, whether in prisons, hospitals, or schools, I’ve seen firsthand how miracles unfold when people open themselves to new perspectives and let go of old, limiting beliefs.

How to Rediscover Your Miraculous Nature

Each one of us is a miraculous being. When we were born, everyone was in awe of us as brand-new babies. No one denies that a baby is a miracle. But as we grow, we forget. We become conditioned to see only the conditional, the finite aspects of life, rather than our Infinite Nature. It’s like looking at a baby’s tiny toes or fingernails and feeling awe-inspired. That is our recognition of the Divine. That feeling is our capacity to, see, feel, sense and co-create with the Divine. We actually co-create perfection in life all the time, when we are in synch with the Divine within ourselves, we just need to become more aware of the unseen aspects of our creations to realize and appreciate that fact.

A Course in Miracles

I was browsing the self-help section wondering “do miracles still exist?,” and feeling like nothing was truly resonating, I craved to go deeper. Then, I saw a book shining at me from the shelf across from me, below a window. When I picked it up and opened it, the words struck me deeply: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” I started crying right there in the store. For years, I had been defined by my physical appearance, I felt solely like a body, but these words reminded me of something deeper.

I took the book home and hid it under my couch, feeling that it was important and sacred, even though I didn’t at all understand it. Over the next two and a half years, I followed its teachings, doing one lesson a day, studying it intensely in my own private space. This practice honed my ability to notice the mystical, the sacred, invisible aspects of life. Reading it and meditating on its words made me more attuned to the Divine Presence that walks beside us always.

Parting Thoughts 

Living a miraculous life isn’t about waiting for grand, unexplainable events. It’s about shifting our perception to recognize the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary. We must always strive to answer “do miracles still exist” for ourselves and those around us. We are all miracles, the only one problem we ever have is that we forgot.

Remember, the miraculous world is always within reach. All it takes is a small shift in perception to see the miracle that you truly are.