About Axiom

What if everything you thought was true isn’t,
and everything you wished was true really is?
Find truth and live it now.

 What is Axiom?

Axiom is the comprehensive collection of Maureen Whitehouse’s offerings as a spiritual teacher. It encompasses her one-to-one work with clients, her best-selling books, dozens of audio programs, live seminars, podcasts and miracle-minded online communities. All of which have been created to guide you into and beyond awakening.

Awakening = The Most Miraculous Way to Experience Life

Axiom encapsulates frank spirituality. These programs and services offer spiritual seekers a direct path to enlightenment that take you beyond fleeting experiences (as awe-inspiring as they may be) to live in a consistent state of fundamental, joyful wellbeing.

Whether you’ve been on a transformational journey for decades or are just stepping in to test the waters, you are in the right place. Especially if you seek real, lasting change that impacts your life in tangible and sustainable ways.


A  Spiritual  Awakening  from the dream of pain and discontent.

Maureen woke up in the midst of a normal lifeas a wife and working motherand continued to live that life. This allowed her to view the world from both sides of the fence. Nothing had changed and yet everything changed. She awoke to all the graces she had been missing because she was simply unconscious of them.

It is her personal experiences that make Maureen an expert and consummate guide on this path. She knows intimately the process of awakening and continuing to awaken in the material world, specifically embracing, embodying and expanding the miraculous. This is the basis of Maureen’s approach, which she calls The E3 Transformational Triad. It’s truly where the rubber meets the roadthe lived experience of enlightenment here on earth. For a more in-depth look into this fundamental principal that lies at the core of Axiom CLICK HERE

Love becomes paramount…

With the help of our Axiom products and services, in the fraternity of like-minded Souls, you will become empowered to bring this glimpse of Heaven to earth by living and sharing it every day. That is Maureen’s true goal for this work: to promote consciousness and well being in such a way that it naturally perpetuates and expandsthrough you!—to all corners of the planet.

Products and Services

  We offer programs to support and enrich your: 

  • life purpose and personal power
  • spirituality
  • meditation practice
  • love and personal relationships
  • conscious parenting
  • professional success and prosperity
  • enlightened approach to eating


Experience Axiom Spiritual Products and Services from Maureen Whitehouse

These offerings come in the convenient form of books, audio programs, video and livestream events, as well as in our online courses and membership programs. You can find them in our ONLINE SHOP or under “Personal Access to Maureen” in the main menu.

Choose your own adventure: proceed in private or meet and commune with other like-minded individuals who embrace this revolutionary spiritual path. Either way, Axiom is here for you.

This work is spiritually oriented and based, however it is not focused on any particular orthodox religion. It is universally inclusive and embracing of all. It utilizes inspiration, personal reflection, meditation, intuition and prayer to develop your innate gifts of insight and healing. You may choose to unearth the divine in your day-to-day life through one of Maureen’s books like Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness. Perhaps you will tap transcendence while traversing the globe with other Soul-seekers on our Miracle Journeys. Whatever path you take, we invite and encourage you to discover the ultimate revelation of True Transformation, like a lightning bolt from the Heavens.

“Maureen is an expert in excavating perfection. To witness life along with Maureen is to be instantaneously free of all unnecessary self limitations.”

Therese Quinn

Founder, Women In Black

What does it mean to Experience Spiritual Awakening?

To experience spiritual awakening is to transcend an ego-based state of consciousness. In other words, it means becoming more authentically aligned with your True Self and more at ease on every levelmentally, emotionally, vitally, physically and spiritually.


If you choose to walk this enlightening path by taking part in the services offered here by Axiom, you can expect to experience:


  • a diminishment and often total release from pain
  • a newfound emotional expressiveness and open-mindedness that allows you to dismantle prejudices, anger and blame
  • a sharpened sensory awareness in which your mental and intellectual capabilities measurably increase
  • a greater awareness of Self, enabling you to communicate clearly, confidently and with a sense of poise
  • tangible connectedness to all things and an ever-present feeling of being supplied by Divine energy as your life reveals to you a greater intensity and purpose